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i been to some fucked up places in my time, but that place is fucked up.

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Name:Richard Gecko // From Dusk Till Dawn: the series
Birthdate:Jan 12
Location:Texas, United States of America

[I'll fill in the stuff here later!]

[DISCLAIMER: I'm not Richie, I'm not Zane Holtz, and I neither know personally nor hold any affiliation with either Robert Rodriguez or Quentin Tarantino, the creative minds behind Richard Gecko and From Dusk Till Dawn. I just borrow a likeness and a character for my own amusement with every intention of putting him back in the box the way I found him when I'm finished. No profit is being made and no offense is intended. for the character-specific disclaimer. Yes, they haven't outlined much of the character in the series itself as of yet, and this account is specifically for use in the reboot 'verse, which has already been presented as something slightly different from the original. That being said, the original character has a tendency towards hallucinations, delusions of persecution, a hairtrigger temper and a trip-wired trigger finger, and a history of rape, a solid 90% of which has already been presented in the reboot. Consequently, I'm warning for all of them right here, right now; Richie is his very own content warning. He's not always nice, he has a tendency to get offended easily by slights both real and perceived, and he WILL jump to conclusions as his version of reality presents. I will tell you right now I won't drop his nasty on the unsuspecting; if the thread seems to be heading in an unpleasant direction I will always ask and discuss and warn before actually letting it go there for anything beyond a little hurt feelings, threats, or fisticuffs, it's no fun for anyone if half of the writing team is uncomfortable, but don't hesitate to shout if it gets to that point for you at any time. I take feedback well. That being said, this account is rated R for the subject matter, and mun and muse are 21+.]
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